Scheduled for launch in September/October 2020

Postgraduate certificate in Digital Banking & Fintech

About the Programme

The impact of digital technology on banking and financial services is reaching an unprecedented scale.

Challenger and neo banks are entering both broad and niche markets at a previously unimaginable rate. Fintechs are launching or seeking investments in a plethora of innovative products and services.

And incumbent banks are deploying myriad strategies in order to respond.

Our new Postgraduate Level Certificate in Digital Banking & Fintech provides a sophisticated understanding of this constantly changing world. It examines the drivers behind the digital revolution, explores the new business models that are emerging, and considers the strategic choices available to both new and incumbent players.

The learning content will prepare digital leaders of the future by providing the insight, knowledge and skills needed to successfully navigate this constantly shifting and uncertain environment.

Who is the Programme for?

This programme is suitable for existing financial services professionals who aspire to, or wish to build on, a leadership role in the banking and finance sector. It will be of particular value to those working in, or targeting, strategic roles in areas such as digital transformation, technology, innovation and product development.


The study approach will be highly flexible and interactive with all learning material available online and delivered in topics.

Students will learn through a blend of resources including core text material, videos, animations and webinars that suit different learning styles. Students will reinforce their learning through a range of examples, mini-case studies, and activities including in-topic activities and end of topic knowledge self-test questions.

The Programme

Indicative Content

  • The fintech ecosystem today
  • Changing customer expectations - the influence of digital
  • New players and new business models
  • Neobanks Vs Incumbents Vs BigTech
  • Potential responses and digital strategy development
  • The key emerging technologies and their potential applications
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
    • Distributed ledger and blockchain
    • Innovation in payments
  • Digital transformation and innovation
  • The role of data and analytics in digital strategy development
  • How to prioritise investment in digital technology to respond to these opportunities and challenges

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If you are interested in the programme from either a personal or organisation perspective and would like to receive further information we would be delighted to hear from you.