London Fintech Study Tour

About the Programme

This is a focused week of senior level insight, learning and experience in London, one of the world’s leading fintech hubs. Our Fintech Leadership programme reflects action-oriented pragmatism, not hype.

We’ll help you understand what will work, both as a pragmatic business case and as a solution for customer needs – needs that, perhaps, your clients do not yet know they have?

Our programme offers solid facts and data, coupled with insights from experienced industry executives, gathered and analysed with academic rigour.

Come to London and hear what it is that’s shaping the industry by talking to fintechs, incumbent banks, regulators and investors.

Why London?

London is one of the key centres of the fintech revolution and one of the world’s great financial centres, for good reason. It is where expertise, money, and know-how come together to build the financial services ecosystem of the future.

This programme will help you:

  • read industry trends accurately, focusing on what truly matters and piercing through the hype
  • understand the changing dynamics between incumbents and the impact of big tech and fintech
  • develop understanding of the strategic playbooks of incumbents and challengers
  • understand the implications for your company and derive a robust response and action plan
  • outline your personal digital development journey

Who is the Programme for?

Our five-day programme is designed for:

  • chief executive officers (CEOs) and board members of financial services firms, who wish to introduce transformational changes into their organisation and embrace innovation into their business models
  • senior leaders of transformation, customer-facing, or back-office functions who are shaping their organisation’s response to industry opportunities and threats
  • senior leaders of strategy, planning, or business development.

The Programme

Indicative Content

  • Seminars with pre-reading and learning facilitated by our world-class faculty of academics and industry practitioners
  • Interaction with external guest speakers from fintechs, incumbents, regulators, investors, and technology firms to explore what is really happening on the ground
  • Site visits to companies and institutions that shape the debate and impact the direction of the industry

Our structure for the week starts by exploring the megatrends and their implications. You’ll then deep dive into specific business models, functional themes, and enabling technologies. Throughout the programme you will reflect on how to internalise the learnings in your own practice as a leader, culminating in the development of your own digital development and action plan.

The programme will be moderated throughout by a team of our experienced practitioners and leading academics.

Tailor this programme for your own Company's needs

Our faculty are adept at designing and delivering bespoke executive education programmes, that will meet the needs of your institutions and learners. We can adapt the content from the programmes above to reflect your organisational priorities and the circumstances of specific teams. We can also deliver it over a range of timescales, from a few days to a few months, and in a variety of formats – to accommodate the needs of your organisation and the course participants.

To discuss your organisation’s learning needs please contact